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Looking for a healthcare partner you can trust? Look no further...


AMR Healthcare Consulting has a commitment to provide the highest quality of services and expertise to guide our clients through today’s challenging healthcare environment.

about us

AMR Healthcare Consulting is clinically driven, focused on transforming healthcare by creating better outcomes for organizations through performance, operations, improvements, and management. 


We provide:

  • Healthcare technology consulting for healthcare organizations implementing Electronic Health Records
  • Healthcare management consulting for organizations seeking to improve patient safety and identify and evaluate risks as a means to reduce injury to patients, staff members, and visitors within an organization 
  • Medical legal consulting for expert medical record review, billing, and case evaluation to attorneys, medical centers, and insurance companies
  • Case management services focused on care coordination, financial management, and utilization management
  • Clinical denial and appeals management services to help strengthen your organizations financial integrity by reversing inappropriate commercial and government denials and recovering lost revenue